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It’s a wonderful day in the Kiona neighborhood. After a very long process (changing a label is a big deal) we have selected a design/technique to replace the magenta label that we currently use on our three dessert wines. Change is good, and while we realize that there are fans of the old label (including some prominent proponents at Kiona!), we are marching forward with a design that we are all very excited about. We’ve done away with the paper, opting instead for a silk-screened graphic printed directly onto a transparent bottle.

This does a couple of things for us:

1. First and foremost, it puts the wine front and center. By using a transparent bottle and foregoing the normally-obscuring element of a paper label, we are looking to emphasize the gorgeous golden/amber color of our dessert wines. Our old package used glass that did not easily allow light to pass through, and we thought that was a shame. The entire impetus behind the switch was the oft-lamented observation made by those who drink these wines: “It’s such a beautiful color!”

2. Should make bottling much easier. When a glass bottle is filled with a cold liquid, condensation is bound to form on the exterior of said bottle. Paper labels do not work particularly well when you’re trying to stick them on a wet glass surface. The bottles will come to us already silk-screened, thereby eliminating the need to apply a label ourselves.

3. Updates an (in my opinion) outdated look. We used the magenta labels for more than a decade on various wines, and the label, while unique, did have a number of shortcomings. It was hard to read. It didn’t speak to the history of Kiona, of Washington State, or Red Mountain. It didn’t do anything to differentiate the product inside from any other bottle of wine on the shelf. It looked, well, old. We tried to keep certain elements of the magenta label so as not to completely cast it into oblivion, but the carry-overs are subtle enough that you probably really need to pay attention to notice.

We are really excited. Look for the new design on our 2009 Estate Chenin Blanc Ice Wine, 2010 Late Harvest Gewurztraminer, and 2009 Late Harvest Riesling.


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We break out a cheese platter and pair it with Kiona’s 2005 Late Harvest Gewürztraminer in our twelfth episode of 1 Eye Wine Guy. This great dessert is a little savory, a little sweet, and definitely delicious. We sampled a soft garlic Boursin, a triple cream Brie, a four peppercorn Chevre, a hard English Cheddar, an aged Dutch Gouda, along with some fig sauce. The Boursin is a MUST with this particular wine! It was by far the cheese of choice, followed by the cheddar.

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Episode 4, featuring Kiona’s 2008 Late Harvest Riesling. This wine can be found for around $12 for a split size (375 mL) or $15 for a full size (375 mL).

We had a special guest on today’s episode, Grandpa John! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry… no recipe today. We didn’t want to spoil our Thanksgiving feast!

Click here to visit the 2008 Late Harvest Riesling page on Kiona’s website.

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