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QR Codes on Wine Labels

We are prototyping a couple of concepts for new wine label features, and one of the more interesting additions has been a QR Code. If you’re not sure what a QR Code is, it’s basically a barcode set on a two-dimensional matrix. This matrix can be read or scanned by smartphones, and linked to online content.

Below is a video that demonstrates the possibilities of this on a wine label (sometimes out of frame… I wasn’t too good at manipulating the camera and the smartphone at the same time):

I am very excited at the opportunities this will create not only for the end consumer, but wineries as well. Who wouldn’t want a 30 second blurb from the wine maker regarding the bottle that is in your hands?

If you look closely, you can also see the sweetness scale on the prototype used in the video. We are adopting the International Riesling Foundation’s Riesling Taste Profile in future white wine releases. This is a standardized scale this clearly communicates the style of wine in the bottle in a clear, concise way. Here is an example:

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